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 Marriage/Baby Guide

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PostSubject: Marriage/Baby Guide   Fri Jul 13, 2012 9:18 pm

Here, you will learn about Marriage.

Requirements for Marriage

To get married, you must fit ALL of the following.

- You have bought or found a Blue Feather.
- You have 9 Hearts or more for this person, and they have 9 Hearts or more for you.
- One of you has to have the double-bed and Level 2 house.
- The person must say 'Yes' to your proposal.

After all of these have been met, you may schedule your wedding to happen within a month. Make sure you're online that day, or it will be cancelled or moved back.

Having a Child

Having a child in an RP is complicated... To have one, you must meet the following.

- Be married
- Live in a level 3 house
- Have the 'baby bed' or cradle
- Have full hearts for your spouse
- Your spouse has full hearts for you
- You and your spouse must be opposite sex.

After you meet all these requirements, you may have a child. No, you don't get to RP 'that', unless you want to in PM...
After you are 'pregnant', you must wait 30 days for the baby to be born. When the baby gets to be 5 years old(around 170 days after birth), a new account must be formed, and one of the parents may take on their role. This however is not required, if you would rather stick to 'NPC' role-playing them.


Requirements for Adoption of a child:

- Have a level 3 house
- Have baby bed or cradle
- Be married
- Full hearts for your spouse
- Spouse has full hearts for you

After this happens, you may adopt a child.

(Looking for the Heart Guide? Look Here)
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Marriage/Baby Guide
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