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 Rules and Punishments

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PostSubject: Rules and Punishments   Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:36 pm

Site Rules

1. No 'trolling', 'flaming', spamming, etc. will be tolerated on BTS. Accidents are understood, unless too often.
Punishment: Warning, but if warning is not listened to, this could result in a ban, depending on how large the incident is.

2. At least semi-proper grammar should be used on every part of this site. It's no fun if no one understands what you are saying.
Punishment: Reminder

3. Usernames should be the first name of your character.(Last name optional)
Punishment: Name change, or if name is inappropriate, you may be banned.

4. Avatars/Signatures should be of your character. If you need help cropping, please ask an admin or friend.
Punishment: Avatar removal/reminder

5. You should be nice to everyone, and avoid as many arguments if possible.
Punishment: Warning

6. Character, or a character WIP should be made within 5 days of joining BTS. If you're busy, please tell an admin.
Punishment: Warning every 2 days, once you get 3 warnings, you will have your account deleted.

7. Have fun. Why would we be here if no one had fun?
Punishment: To be decided.

ChatBox Rules

1. All site rules apply here as well. I mean, they apply everywhere else too.
Punishment: Same as above

2. Do not log on and off over and over again. Not only is this annoying, it's considered spam. It sometimes happens as a glitch, though, so we understand it sometimes.
Punishment: Warning/Reminder

3. Do not post large links or pictures. This stretches the chatbox, calling for a CB clear.
Punishment: Warning/Reminder

4. Do not swear excessively, or promote sexual innuendos.
Punishment: Warning, 1 day chatbox ban, 1 week ban if it gets bad. If it happens again, you will be permanently banned.

5. Do not cause drama. Seriously...it's annoying.
Punishment: Chatbox ban for a day.

Character Creation Rules
Most punishments here are having your character 'not approved.'

1. Fill out the whole form.

2. Username should be character's name.(last name optional)

3. Do not copy anyone's character. Be unique. This includes names, very similar histories, etc.

4. Not everyone's past is gloomy. Seriously, it doesn't have to be.

5. Make sure the job you want isn't taken.

6. Follow ALL rules at all times.

Roleplay Rules

1. This site is LITERATE ROLEPLAY. This means your average post should be a paragraph(5-6 sentences)
Punishment: Warning/Reminder, if it gets serious, a ban.

2. Keep spelling mistakes minimal. This is so we understand what you're saying.
Punishment: Warning/Reminder

3. Don't pick fights or anything of the sort without permission from the owner of the other character.
Punishment: Warning/Reminder, after about 10 warnings/reminders, this could result in a ban.

4. No powerplay or anything of the sort. This means, you can't control what other characters do. If you reach for their hand, you might just get a slap in return...
Punishment: After 5 Warnings, a temporary ban, after that, a permanent ban.

5. LEMON TOPICS ARE ALLOWED As long as you put "[LEMON]" in the title. You will be fine.
Punishment:Warning/Reminder, if it gets serious, a ban.

If you see someone breaking a rule, please remind them about the rules. If they argue or continue, contact an admin IMMEDIATELY!

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Rules and Punishments
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