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 Celosia Sunsette[WIP]

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PostSubject: Celosia Sunsette[WIP]   Wed Jul 18, 2012 12:03 pm

Celosia Sunsette
"Everyone deserves to smile. Unless they disrespect nature."

Name: Celosia Sunsette
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: Summer 9
Residence: Outside of Alamos Town
Occupation: Oracle (Similar to this, she makes potions for people for a fee.)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Celosia has soft pink hair, reaching down to her ankles. On the right side of her head she ties it up in a festival-looking way. Her eyes are also pink, however with the right lighting, could look as if they are yellow. Her expression is usually a soft smile, except to those who disrespect nature. Celosia's usual outfit is a decorative yukata, with a ribbon tied around her neck. She is rather short, especially for her age.

Personality: Celosia is nice to nearly everyone, smiling throughout the day. Although when angered, she can be quite the smart aleck. Celosia never cries in front of anyone, as she tries her best to make the atmosphere feel happy or calm. Some people may call her a bit mysterious, as getting her angry would take a lot of pushing.
Hated Items:
- Lobster Sashimi
- Shrimp Sashimi
- Eggplant Curd
Disliked Items:
- Lobster
- Shrimp
- Eggplant
Liked Items:
- Red Crystal
- Strawberry
- Cherry Grass
Loved Items:
- Cake
- Ruby
- Gold Hairpin

Celosia appeared at the doorstep of the church one day. At the time, she was 12. Like they did with most orphans, they took her in and raised her. Celosia didn't have any memories, but has always had occasional nightmares about the clock tower. They assumed it was large enough to scare a child, and that's why she was afraid of it. After a while, Celosia moved out of the church when she found out about the celestial guardians from a book. Celosia wanted to help the guardians come back to Alamos Town like they once did.

Roleplay Sample:

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Celosia Sunsette[WIP]
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